WORT Interview with GAS, 11/25/22

We sat down with Andy Moore on the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Friday morning November 25 to talk about our 25 years as a band.

Some random out-of-context quotes:

“We wanted to write songs that were fun to play with good hooks.”

“For all the fun and games, you guys are really intense.”

“…deconstructing music together…”

“I was so confused and delighted. It was Jonathan Richman meets Andy Kaufman level nuttiness.”

“Kirk and I thought it was cute to break out of the cacophony of sound that was going on in Madison at the time…”

“When you bring Randy and Annelies in with Kirk and Andy, the math changes. When we bring these different voice in, it really makes something special.”

Listen to the whole thing (in context).

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