25th Anniversary Show

2022 is our 25th anniversary! Please help us celebrate at the next GAS show:

  • The German Arts Students w/ Jane Hobson
  • Thursday, December 1, 8pm
  • The Bur Oak, 2262 Winnebago St., Madison

Featuring the classic lineup of Andy, Annelies, Kirk, and Randy, the core four that coalesced in 1997.

Get full details and buy advance tickets here:


Here are some things that people have said about The German Art Students in the last 25 years:

“A friend of mine tried to argue they weren’t DIY because they’d obviously practiced. This is the attitude that makes indie rock suck so hard.” – Saara Myrene Raapana, actionmanmagazine.com

“New wave weirdoes” – The Onion

“Bands on the Rise: The German Art Students-nimble witted new wave pop.” –  Rolling Stone

“GAS prove to be subversive and slapstick at the same time, providing post-punk, Mad magazine-esque music to the world” – Andy Moore, Isthmus

“Civil War Re-enactor” had me wiggling on the floor to the power pop deliciousness and gut-bustingly ridiculous lyrics.” – Greg Sahagian – The Big Takeover

“While lyrically akin to acts like Devo or Jonathan Richman, The German Art Students’ sound is reminiscent of the pure power pop of the Buzzcocks and the heavy drive of X and The Undertones. Their live shows have always packed a wallop.” – Aaron Scholz, Dane101.com

“Much like the parade of New Wave bands that spread equal amounts of pop and snot across the late 70’s music scene, the local quartet hold nothing sacred. Civil War reenactments, self-righteous lefty artists, twee baroque-rock bands: They sneer at ‘em all.” – Tom Laskin, Isthmus

“The German Art Students are a prime example of Madison bandhood, writing and playing defiantly fanciful power- pop for many years. Perhaps because they generally treat the band as a creative escape, life hasn’t worn down their distinctly smart-assed approach to songwriting or sent them off the trail of bright, new-wave guitars and perky rhythms.” – Scott Gordon, The Onion

“The German Art Students have turned out to be one of the best bands out of Madison in the ‘00s for their punky, catchy songs, clever lyrics and wry sense of humor.” – Katjusa Cisar, The Capital Times

“Straddling the line between pop and punk rock. After (many) years the GAS trademarks of intelligence with a hefty dose of sharp-witted commentary are still intact.” – Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds Magazine

“Sporadically filling bars with fans of their high-energy punk rock sound since 1997.” Joel Patenaude, Madison Magazine

“The songs are executed with a gleeful amateurism I haven’t heard since the golden days of the Violent Femmes. Studio polish would only take away from these off-kilter pop gems.” – Joseph McCombs, starpolish.com

“Madison acts come and go, but this pop-punk-rock trio are verging on local legend status.” – Isthmus

We could have included about 12 more quotes from Isthmus here, but you get the point. Come on out, it’s going to be a blast!



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