I’m shaving off this bullsh** soul patch, I’ll tell you that right now

Discovered a soundboard recording of a show at Quarters in Milwaukee from Summer 2003. The polarity of the microphones was not quite right and it was a hot and sweaty show. Sample stage banter:

Andy: Hey Annelies, is salt water super conductive?

Annelies: Yes, you see the normal resistance of human skin is a hundred ohms. But when you get soaked in salt water it goes down to one ohm. Which means that normal household current can kill you when you are soaked in salt water.

Andy: Look I’m 1/100th in a Chilean torture chamber here.

Annelies: I have to say I’ve been shocked on stage many times before, but this offers one of the sharpest shocks I’ve ever experienced.

Andy: Let me tell ya, I’m shaving off this bullsh** soul patch, I’ll tell you that right now. These hairs are going right into the microphone. Screw that sh**.

Kirk: Are soul patches conductive?

Andy: I’m shaving it. Tomorrow morning.

Annelies: I think it might be some kind of strange conditioning experiment.


Junky Keyboard Riffs from the Archives

Just unearthed this gem: a version of Mensa Girl that was recorded at the Kissing By The Superconductor sessions, January, 2002. At the time we were unhappy with how this one turned out and didn’t include it on the album. We eventually picked up the tempo, re-recorded it, and put the new guitar-centric version on the Name Droppers LP. But listening now, it’s a nice throwback to the GAS keyboard era.

Nightmare Date Experience

Nightmare Date Experience
Blind date
Nightmare date experience
Set up
Nightmare date experience
Personal ad
Nightmare date experience
Second cousin
I don’t want to go on a nightmare date experience

He was coming down to see me
He stockpiled cardboard soda-pop boxes
Would he stay all night, would we call it quits?
I can’t plan that far ahead

I’m all dressed up and he asked me to go
Reception at the Elks Club, expensive rum and Coke
I wrapped the present and I sang at the wedding and
He’d like to date the bride

He said, “Can I get much further?”
She said, “Oh geez I forgot my wallet”
Bop bop badabop bop bop ba da…

Red alert, red dress
Red shoes, red scarf, thigh-high garter belt
I’m so scared her breasts are falling out
She got the steak and I paid the bill

Arts and crafts straw wreath on the wall
Intolerant, sexy, and six feet tall
Pontoon ride I can’t escape
She don’t date guys with hair longer than her
Even though I cut it off years ago

He said, “Is that a real wedding ring?”
She said, “Do you mind if I borrow your favorite sweater for a little while?’
Bop bop badabop bop bop ba da…

I don’t want to have a nightmare date experience
A nightmare date experience that I don’t want to have…
How much more can my ego take
I’m wasting my life on this horrible date
I’m so lonesome I’ll take the punishment
So let’s go on a date

I don’t want to have a nightmare date experience
A nightmare date experience that I don’t want to have…
No I don’t want to have a
Nightmare date experience

The German Art Students Doubleheader

The German Art Students Trio is back with TWO performances on Saturday May 13
We will be out early to rock the runners at the Madison Music Mile and 5K. If you are a runner sign up for this great event. Live music will be provided along the running route by GAS, Imaginary Watermelon, and Punk Ass Unicorns.
It’s a fundraiser for Girls Rock Camp! GRC’s mission is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. Get more info here:

Then our second gig of the day is another good cause:
MAY 13TH – MAMA Cares FUNDrive and Musician Flea Market at The Brink Lounge
Come out to the Second Annual FUNDrive for MAMA Cares – a non-profit helping musicians in times of need!
7:30 – 8:15 The Moon Gypsies
8:30 – 9:15 Josh Harty
9:30 – 10:15 The German Art Students
10:30 – 11:45 Primitive Culture with Paul Filipowicz
Admission for the evening event is $10 suggested donation. There will also be a silent auction and raffle.

Other shows coming up in the Year of GAS:

July 21 at Kiki’s House of Righteous Music. We will be re-releasing our first album – What Did You Expect? Heartland Rock? – with two brand new tracks added. Everyone at the show will receive a free copy with admission price. Space is limited, details on tickets coming soon.

Also, just confirmed, we will be having our Official 20th Anniversary Show at the High Noon Saloon on Friday September 8, 9pm. More details to come, but put it on your calendar!